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Free Short Stories

The Shadow of Hogmanay

The Shadow of Hogmanay

A series of terrible deaths on the 31st of December leads to an unavoidable conclusion. READ STORY


Merry Christmas, My Dear

A Christmas get-together... Champagne, roasted chestnuts, and dark intentions. READ STORY


Reunion of a Kind

A detective enters a house on Halloween to make an arrest. What could possibly go wrong? READ STORY

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

A bleak valley holds a dark secret that might just save humanity. READ STORY

The Sealed Building

The Sealed Building 

A coming of age story which terminates in a brush with the strange. READ STORY

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To New Friends

A short piece about a chance encounter with a sinister doll. READ STORY


The Passenger

Ruby enters an empty bus late at night, desperate to get home and rest. That desperation, however, is about to be replaced by a more malevolent kind. READ STORY


The People of the Sea

An archaeologist searches for evidence of a mysterious people who once lived on an island off the coast of Scotland. This search uncovers terrors beyond imagination, hidden beneath the swells of the North Atlantic. READ STORY


A Night in Strathclyde Library

A student studies quietly in a library late at night. Forgotten footsteps walk the corridors of books, growing ever closer to where the student now sits. READ STORY


Sea of Green

A couple travel from America to explore the Scottish countryside. One day, during a peaceful walk through Queen Elizabeth Forest, they encounter a strange young boy with an unworldly appearance. READ STORY


The Last New Year

A lone stranger seeks refuge in a remote bar on New Year's Eve. He tells a strange story. Will the barflies give him the shelter he seeks? READ STORY


Bits & Pieces

The discovery of two ancient mummified bodies in South Uist sparks controversy when a researcher promotes a terrifying theory as to their origin...

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Burnt Offering

Drake Blackwood is called to investigate a tragic incident in Somerset. This short casefile presents his unnerving findings.

Green Skin

Green Skin

On Halloween night, a group of friends go trick or treating as a storm descends upon their sleepy suburb. They find a door to a house lying open, and from the darkness something watches them intently...                                           READ STORY

Tunnel 72F

Henke prides himself on his bravery. He steps forward when others more timid refuse to do so. This time, however, deep beneath the streets and canals of Amsterdam, he is about to come face-to-face with a lurking horror even he cannot endure.            READ STORY

Mr Leaves

Kip loves her new home. It creaks under her seven-year-old feet. Her bedroom window looks out to idyllic farmland far away from the city she once knew. Such a place would be heaven, if not for the sinister rustling of leaves at night... READ STORY