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‘Until We Meet’ Song Demo from 2005

Lyrics and the history behind the song are further down this page.


Verse 1

Just because you're not wrong again,

does not mean you're right.

You crept back in my song again,

like a spy inside the night...



So long...

To the love we knew, we have outgrown.

It seems so long,

from the time we loved,

to the time we've shown

how to be withdrawn


Verse 2

Do you think you'll find the time again,

to build something complete.

You fell out of my song again

my message is replete



Time... Rolls by...

Like a song we sang, when we were young.

It seems so sad

to be always known,

as the one who's thrown

out everything we've known.



No it's not over.

It's not over,

and it's over now...


Song History

In 2005, I decided to record a series of demo songs for a collection called 'Forever in Waiting'. The irony? I still haven't finished it. In fact, I doubt I will.

I wrote and recorded several songs, including this one, during a difficult period of my life. I had experienced the particularly traumatic death of a loved one due to suicide, being present during the death and administering CPR in vain.

It resulted in a deep period of depression and PTSD which haunted me for the next 5 years. This also affected the relationship I had with my girlfriend at the time, when we were unsure how to move forward together. She was very supportive, but I was fractured, and that took its toll.

The good news? We came through it, and my amazing girlfriend is now my incredible wife. We have a little girl who keeps us smiling every day. I learned a lot about myself during that period, and while those 5 years were "lost" in a certain sense, they became the bedrock of my creative pursuits as an adult. Several of the short stories which allowed me to make a name for myself in some small way, were written as the fog finally cleared. Particularly, Forgotten Valentine, which explores the pain of losing yourself through death and grief.

'Until We Meet' is essentially about that time we all come to in our relationships, where we reach a crossroads and don't know whether to turn left or right. One direction is a lonely road, the other is big enough for two.

If you find yourself at that same crossroads, I can't tell you which turn to take. Sometimes, relationships do reach an end, other times you have to hold onto each other until the clouds part and the sun shines once more.

I hope whichever way you go is the right one for you. Just don't be careless with anyone's heart, and don't put up with anyone being careless with yours.



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